Roly Poly Obliterator: An Exciting Zombie Game at Friv

Are you a fan of zombies? Are you a fan of complex games where you have to think thoroughly to pass the level? Do you easily get frustrated when the level is very simple yet you’re having a hard time passing the stage? At juegos friv roly poly obliterator game suits you the best. The thing about this game is that you need to device strategies on how to obliterate the zombies. Killing them is your success. Every level gets harder and trickier and the moment that you make a mistake, or calculated wrongly, you need to play again.

Several gamers choose this simple and fun game for the following reasons:

  • Online gamers prefer playing games with good graphics. Games that are pixelated can’t manage to draw attention from traffickers. Society is modernized nowadays and the old school pixelate games are irrelevant since most teenagers already adapted the new generation of updated game graphics. In this game, they apply a 3D look at the characters with a cute image. Zombies are scary per se but in this game, they’re actually lovable that killing them is not an easy task.

  • A gamer always goes for a challenge. Most individuals dare themselves a higher level or intricacy so they can gratify their hunger of winning. The game always starts with simple stages but as you move on to a higher level, the real challenge of not losing the stage begins. One should work up their mind in order to pass the test. The key to winning the game is to make a good first move; one wrong move can make you loose and reset the whole level.
  • Another important reason is the simplicity of the game itself. The program is hassle free and the keys to navigate throughout the game are easy to use. First timers don’t need to work up just to understand and control the game.

  • The main weapon in obliterating the zombies is a bomb. In every level, bombs are positioned differently and other killing weapons are placed according to the programmed winning tactic. If a choice is made, the bombs might go off, but do not necessarily make an impact at the zombies. If that is the case, then winning is likely impossible. It is not just one zombie, but a pack. If all cannot be obliterated, then resetting the level is an expected choice.


Post Author: Camden Leon