Have You Thought About Updating the Firmware In Your Wireless Router?

You would be somewhat hard pressed to find a web-connected device, these days, that does not rely on firmware to function properly. In case you did not already know, firmware is a set of microcodes, basically, that are put into a device during the manufacturing process. This coding helps the device to understand the commands the operating system will provide in order to make the software work better.

You could think of it somewhat like an interpreter or a middle-man that makes sure both sides understand each other.

Your computer uses firmware. Your phone uses firmware.  Your smartTV and smart watch; even your car uses firmware.  Something as small as your wireless router uses firmware.

Now, because firmware is so common—and necessary—it has become a popular target for cybercriminals looking to control devices at a distance or, perhaps more possibly, steal information.  Ironically, up-to-date firmware keeps you safe, but old firmware exposes you to potential threats. And that is why it is very important that you regularly monitor and update the firmware of your various web-connected electronic devices.

Sometimes, like with your phone, you will receive a notification that you need to update the firmware or, more likely, that a backdoor patch is available. And if we talk about Hikvision Backdoor, All you have to do is approve the update and the program will take care of the rest.  Sometimes, though, you have a device that does not, for example, have a screen of its own; so how are you going to know that a firmware update is available?

Take your wireless router, for example. Every single device in your home or office is probably connected to your wireless router, and that means they can all be vulnerable to the same threats.  Similarly, as updates become available, it also improves features available to you.  Thus, it is very important that you keep your router’s firmware up to date just like you would your phone and your computer.

Perhaps the most important reason to update your router’s firmware is security.  Despite the proliferation of technology and the necessity for scrutiny, vulnerabilities are common, even in firmware. It is nearly impossible to anticipate how a cybercriminal might develop a hack or threat, so companies have to sometimes provide these fixes after the fact.  Updating you router ensures that if these vulnerabilities arise—and they, undoubtedly will—you can stay ahead of them and keep all your devices safe.

Post Author: Camden Leon