5 top tips for keeping your computer secure

Our computers and mobile devices all have one thing in common: the Internet. Most of the things we do depends on our connectivity, whether it is for work or play. As a result, a big chunk of our lives resides in the Internet, from our professional profile to our social networks. In most instances, we choose the sites that we trust with our information, and that is the extent of our participation in security assurance. However, we can and should do what we can to keep our own devices free from security breaches. Here are 5 tips to keep your private information private on your computer.

  1. Update your software

It might be a bother, but software updates usually includes fixes to intrusive programs like malware and spyware. You don’t even really have to do much. Most of your installed software will alert you if updates are available. This is especially important when it involves your operating system. Do yourself a favor and push the button.

  1. Use firewalls.

Chances are good that your operating system has a built-in firewall that blocks most sites by default. It can be annoying when it keeps you from downloading a really cool online game, but it would be a mistake to turn it off. If you really must, add exceptions if you are sure the site is trustworthy.

  1. Remove Java.

There was a time when nothing would work without Java, which is why hackers target it especially to slip into your system.  Fortunately, Java is no longer a must-have for most software, so if you have it on your computer, uninstall it.

  1. Get malware protection.

Malware is not necessarily destructive in itself, but it can be if you let it stay in your system. You can use a service like iolo to give your system a good scrubbing before you install your antimalware program.

  1. Avoid downloading from unfamiliar sites.

Downloading from a site you don’t know is like an open invitation to hackers. Even if the program looks legit, you should not download it unless you are absolutely sure it does not contain spyware which can really ruin your day. When in doubt, do without.

Post Author: Camden Leon